Hassan Ghiassi

Learn Aristotle’s 2,000+ Year Old Content Creation and Storytelling Hack

A Talk by Hassan Ghiassi (Founder and Lead Consultant, The Dialogic Approach)

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About this Talk

This highly interactive, hands-on keynote is designed to give you the ability to connect and communicate effectively with your ideal target market, create content fast, and greatly improve engagement.

Key Outcomes (Depending on desired focus):

  • Decrease The Time You Need for Content Creation and Storytelling
  • Establish Trust and Respect With any Audience
  • Audience Analysis and Research
  • Write Killer Headlines, Social Media Posts, Better Emails, and Articles
  • Utilize the Power Of Persuasion

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17 June 2024, 07:15 PM

07:15 PM - 08:15 PM

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About The Speakers

Hassan Ghiassi

Hassan Ghiassi

Founder and Lead Consultant, The Dialogic Approach

Professional Speaker & Master Facilitator Helping You Lean Into Difficult Conversations | Founder of The Dialogic Approach - Lover of Questions, Communication, & Empathy | TEDx Speaker