Gavin Hammar

Driving Influence Through Community Building

A Talk by Gavin Hammar (Founder & CEO, Story Prompt)

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How to build an unstoppable force that leaves competitors in the dust. 

Gavin Hammar, a second-time founder, draws on his experience with his previous company, Sendible, which he grew from scratch in a highly competitive market. Despite having limited resources as a bootstrapped company, Gavin and his team were able to build a thriving community around Sendible, which eventually led to the company's acquisition. 

In this talk, he shares his insights on how he leveraged community-led growth to build a loyal user base and scale the business. Through practical tips and real-world examples, Gavin shows how community building can be a game-changer in empowering individuals and organizations, unlocking new opportunities, and driving positive change. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur, marketer, or community leader, this talk is a must-watch if you're looking to learn more about the power of community building.

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07 December 2023, 03:30 PM

03:30 PM - 04:30 PM

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About The Speaker

Gavin Hammar

Gavin Hammar

Founder & CEO, Story Prompt

I build and grow self-funded SaaS businesses. Currently building Founder & Former CEO of Sendible (acquired in 2021). Podcast: