Matt Gartland

Strategic Business Planning for Ambitious Creators

A Talk by Matt Gartland (Co-Founder and CEO, SPI)

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Strategic planning doesn’t come naturally to most creators, and that’s okay! The early days should be rather unstructured and experimental and—well—just purely creative! But here’s the thing: to grow in a controlled, healthy, and profitable way, the day will come (it always does) when us entrepreneurs need to flex into new business skills, and the apex business skill that will set you up for long-term success is strategic business planning.

Wanna start learning those ropes? Then come to this talk and get ready to ask questions!

04 March 2024, 02:15 PM

02:15 PM - 03:15 PM

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Matt Gartland

Matt Gartland

Co-Founder and CEO, SPI

Matt has led strategic planning for startups ranging from creative studios, tech startups, and media companies. He cut his teeth on this apex business skill during his leadership development career in enterprise software.