Hassan Ghiassi

Founder and Lead Consultant, The Dialogic Approach Professional Speaker & Master Facilitator Helping You Lean Into Difficult Conversations | Founder of The Dialogic Approach - Lover of Questions, Communication, & Empathy | TEDx Speaker

Hassan's talk broadcasts 04 March 2024, 07:15 PM

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About this speaker

Hassan Ghiassi has spent the last sixteen years advising businesses and executives in America, Europe, and Asia. He holds his Master's in Communication, is a TEDx speaker, and his workshop participants can be found in 139 countries.

He led the Better Conversations Project at The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum which focused on building understanding and empathy amidst George Floyd’s murder, civial unrest, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is also the inventor of The Epiphany Question Method, a process that allows individuals to embrace change and facilitates healthy group dynamics through tactical inquiry. When he’s not on stage or working with clients you’ll find Hassan at the lake or cooking Thai food with his wife.

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04 March 2024, 07:15 PM
Hassan Ghiassi