Iryna Unguryan

Marketing Manager, zapliance Copywriter turned content marketer turned head of content. More then a decade in B2B marketing, with a heavy accent on content as a means to make audience care.

About this speaker

Hi there, creators! My name is Iryna Unguryan, and I know I'm supposed to write bio in the third person, but aren't we here to disrupt the expected?

In the last 4 years I have been engaged in all things content at Revenue Grid, a SaaS that works in B2B market and solves a truckload of problems for sales teams like generating revenue, closing deals, or basically surviving the quarter without burning out, going crazy or, worst of all, going bankrupt. At the moment, I'm heading all marketing initiatives at zapliance, a Hamburg-based SaaS automating auditing for companies using SAP.

In short, my area of expertise lies in

  • content strategy
  • inbound marketing
  • developing a content journey
  • thought leadership
  • building community via content
  • writing (duh)

I'm excited to get a chance to share my learning and experience with fellow creators, and hope to see you all soon.

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Head of Content Confessions: How to compete when you lack resources

12 June 2024, 08:30 PM
Iryna Unguryan